Man high on drugs finds a tiger in an abandoned Houston home

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Man high on drugs finds a tiger in an abandoned Houston home

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – 6:27am

Police in Houston have successfully removed a tiger from an abandoned home, after receiving an anonymous tip that the animal was being held in a flimsy cage in the garage. The person who called in the tip to police said he entered the house to smoke marijuana, and initially believed he was hallucinating when he first encountered the tiger.

Kangaroo caught eating toilet paper in public loo

A visitor to the Wilpena Pound campground in South Australia was shocked to find a kangaroo eating a roll of toilet paper in the public restroom. David Muggleton filmed the hungry kangaroo calmly chewing its way through a roll of paper, despite his earlier attempts to shoo the animal out of the bathroom.

Fox News host claims germs aren’t real

Fox News presenter Pete Hegseth has made the startling claim that germs aren’t real, because he can’t see them. Hegseth made the statement after telling his Fox and Friends co-hosts that he hadn’t washed his hands in the past 10 years, adding that he believes he inoculates himself against disease by not washing his hands.

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