Joel Jeffrey, co-founder of the luxury British sleepwear brand, explains how to get the perfect look this autumn

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Thursday, October 11, 2018 – 11:34am

As Autumn sets in and the mornings begin to feel increasingly brisk, the urge to hunker down under a duvet tends to set in. And nothing beats a good set of PJs to help you through the wintry months.

Whether you are waking up on a lazy Sunday morning or arriving home from a long day at work, pulling on a great pair of pyjamas is the perfect tonic.

Men’s vs women’s

There is a noticeable difference in the popularity of guy’s pyjamas compared to women’s, which largely comes down to what’s available. The men’s nightwear market in general has been incredibly traditional which can come across to a lot of guys as boring. But there are plenty of good options out there.

Why would you want to come home from working in a plain shirt just to put on another plain shirt? It’s important to find a pair of PJs that add a bit of interest to the everyday and that’s where bright colours or intriguing patterns come in. This then means you have the option of wearing your pyjama top over a tee with jeans – a look we love.

Design matters

When looking for your perfect pyjama match, it’s important to consider the details. Does it have a proper working fly and button-close pockets so your phone doesn’t fall down the sofa? French seams on the trousers, a light-weight cotton so you are more comfortable in bed, and drawstring and an elastic waistband so you can get a more flexible fit? Most important of all is to find something that is easy to wash – dry cleaning pyjamas is one step too far for most guys (and rightly so). These may not be the first things you spot when looking for a pair but you will be thankful later, no point having incredibly stylish PJs that aren’t practical.

This season

Our Aussie-inspired Byron print is always a top seller for men. This autumn however, our new ‘The Runaways’ collection has got off to a great start, particularly our quilted robes.

While pyjamas lay the groundwork for comfort, a well-made, warm and stylish robe can really top things off. It is all about buying a selection of adaptable items that feel like the Sunday version of you. 

Overall, it is possible to get too caught up on what to wear to bed. Ideally, something you will want to relax in will also be the perfect sleepwear.

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