New ’68 registration plates were released on September 1

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Combinations deemed to be offensive include BU68 GER, SH68 GAR and MY68 PRC


Friday, September 14, 2018 – 2:28pm

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has released its latest batch of car registrations, along with a list of blacklisted number plates deemed “too rude” for road users.  

Twice a year, in March and September, the DVLA devises every possible combination of numbers and letters that it considers offensive and adds them to a “suppression list” containing over 400 banned plates, the London Evening Standard reports. 

No-nos include plates with “clear sexual connotations”,  such as “OR68 ASM, FA68 NNY, SH68 ERS and DO68 GER”, says The Sunday Times.

Other banned plates contain “risibly boastful references to private parts”, such as “MY68 COX, MY68 MUF and MY68 NOB”, adds the newspaper.

Plates with BUM, SEX and ASS on them are immediately added to the blacklist when new registration periods come around. 

Auto Express lists all the plates banned in the ’68 reg period as:

  • VA68 RAG
  • RU68 COX
  • DO68 SHT
  • GO68 JOB
  • TU68 JOB
  • VA68 RUB
  • MU68 GME
  • BU68 GER
  • SH68 GAR
  • NO68 TUG
  • NO68 FUN
  • ST68 MEE
  • GA68 ANG
  • AL68 HOL
  • MY68 PRC

But not every rude plate gets instantly spotted by the DVLA. 

According to The Sun, the number plate “CU11 NNT” was banned in March, weeks after it was listed for sale for £6,000 through the private registration firm Absolute Reg. 

The DVLA also takes plates likely to prove popular with collectors out of circulation in order to sell them for thousands at auction, the magazine says. The agency has made £160m over the past 12 months through private plates. Many buyers will pay top dollar to get their name or favourite slogan on their vehicle’s registration.

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