• 22 February 2018

Robbie McIntosh
Image caption Robbie McIntosh battered Linda McDonald with a dumbbell in Templeton Woods

A convicted murderer on home leave who tried to kill a Dundee dog walker has been given a lifelong restriction order.

Robbie McIntosh, 32, battered Linda McDonald with a dumbbell in Templeton Woods in August.

McIntosh was previously jailed for life in 2002 for stabbing a dog walker to death on Dundee Law when he was 15 years old.

He must serve a minimum of five years before he can be considered for parole.

However, McIntosh will only be considered for release when he is no longer deemed to be a risk to the public, meaning he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Mrs McDonald and her family were at the High Court in Aberdeen to hear judge Lord Arthurson sentence McIntosh.

The judge imposed an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) which means McIntosh will be supervised for the rest of his life.

He told McIntosh he had committed “a savage attack that was undoubtedly a murderous one”.

Image caption Robbie McIntosh, pictured in 2002, was on home leave at the time of the attack

Lord Arthurson said McIntosh was “impervious” to Mrs McDonald’s pleas for mercy.

He said a report on McIntosh showed “psychopathic personality traits” and that he was deemed to be a “high risk of sexual violence and psychological harm to the public, particularly adult females”.

Defence advocate Chris Fyffe had said there were “no available words” that McIntosh could offer that would “explain, rationalise or mitigate his conduct”.

He said the convicted killer’s guilty plea was “the only expression of remorse available to him”.

McIntosh had previously been sentenced to a minimum of 15 years after being found guilty of stabbing civil servant Anne Nicoll 29 times in 2001.

At the time of the attack on Mrs McDonald, McIntosh was to be considered for parole and had been allowed home leave in preparation.

McIntosh was given leave on 2 August last year, the 16th anniversary of the murder.

Image copyright Ciaran Donnelly
Image caption Linda McDonald was seriously injured during the attack

Mrs McDonald, 52, sustained two skull fractures and a badly damaged thumb, was left with permanent scars and now suffers from anxiety and sleeplessness.

McIntosh fled after two dog walkers heard Mrs McDonald screaming and disturbed the attack.

Mrs McDonald’s husband Matthew previously condemned the decision to grant McIntosh home leave earlier this year.

He said: “Given his past conviction for a brutal murder I can’t believe the Scottish Prison Service deemed that this sick individual, who attempted to murder my wife, was allowed to be in the public domain.”

Image caption Former police officer David Swindle said McIntosh was “a pathetic individual”

Former Det Supt David Swindle, who led investigations into serial killer Peter Tobin, described McIntosh as “cunning and violent”.

He said: “It may be he has worked the system and deceived the professionals.

“It’s really concerning that he’s out on a day release-type programme and he’s able to commit such a violent attack and probably would have killed this woman if he hadn’t been disturbed.

“McIntosh poses an extremely high risk of harm to the public and in my mind he should never be allowed back on the streets again.”

The Scottish Prison Service said it did not comment on individual prisoners, but said “a rigorous risk assessment is undertaken prior to any offender being granted home leave”.

BBC News – Scotland

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