A man has been killed in a shooting in Belfast in front of young children, the area’s MP has said.

Police and the emergency services are currently at the scene on Glenbawn Avenue.

It happened around 8pm.

It is understood a gunman approached the door of a house in the area and opened fired on the resident as he came to answer.

The victim is thought to be aged in his 30s.

Scores of heavily armed police swarmed to the scene within moments of the attack.

MP for the area Paul Masked described the attack as “brutal and horrifying”.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: “It is a brutal attack that was witnessed by young children.

“This has to be condemned outright. There is no call for this, it is shocking, it is horrifying. The community is horrified.

“This action has to be stopped and stopped immediately.

“My thoughts are with the man’s family.”

The SDLP has criticised Sinn Fein and DUP for creating the political vacuum to allow attacks such as this to happen.

“I am not sure why this person has been attack. What I do know is people are working for for peace and have been for some time.

“This action is totally uncalled for and should be left in the past. There is not a place for it.”

SDLP councillor Brian Heading condemned the attack. He said the police had confirmed to him a man had been killed.

“This was not a punishment attack, this was a shooting with the intent to kill.”

He added: “Obviously I condemn the attack, but it has to go deeper than that and I condemn the two main parties for creating the political vacuum to exist.

“They need to be aware their failure is resulting in people who settle their differences in shooting first and asking questions letter being allowed to terrorise their communities.

“A man is dead tonight and because of the political vacuum we can expect more of this.”

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