Antonio Conte says he has been “a disaster” at persuading his Chelsea bosses to buy the players he wants.

The Italian has lost out on a host of top transfer targets during his time at Stamford Bridge, including Alex Sandro, Romelu Lukaku and Virgil van Dijk.

He has now suggested his reputation for improving players has prevented Chelsea from splashing out, and it’s clear he is not happy with the club’s strategy.

The admission from Conte comes after two back-to-back losses and amid reports of tensions behind the scenes.

“I think I’m a bit of a disaster [trying] to convince the club to buy the players. In this aspect I can improve a lot,” he said, ahead of Monday’s clash with West Brom.

“I have to learn a lot from the other coaches, the other managers. I have to speak more with the managers who are very, very good to persuade their clubs to spend money and buy top players.

“The transfer window is a topic that we have closed.

“Now the most important thing is to be focused and go straight to try to work, to try to give the best this season – for me and the players.

“My task is to try to improve every single player, in every aspect. About mentality also. About the desire, the will to fight, and the tactical aspects. Yes. My task is this. For this, I’m very good.

“Usually, in my experience, I think I reached the best results possible with the players that I have to work with.”

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