Secret papers police officer committed gross misconduct

  • 13 February 2018

Marcus Beale
Image caption Senior West Midlands Police officer Marcus Beale was suspended from the force

A senior counter terrorism officer with West Midlands Police is facing possible dismissal for leaving top secret papers in the boot of his car.

The highly classified documents were stolen from Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale’s unmarked car in May.

A force disciplinary panel has found him guilty of gross misconduct.

In December Mr Beale, who is due to retire in April, pleaded guilty to failing to safeguard information under the Official Secrets Act.

Magistrates fined him £3,500 and he has been suspended on full pay since November.

The panel heard several classified documents – including top secret minutes of a highly sensitive Executive Liason Group meeting – were placed in a metal briefcase in the boot of Mr Beale’s car on 10 May.

His car was then parked in several different locations over five days, including at a railway station and a supermarket.

Mr Beale realised the briefcase was gone whilst at Warwick services on 15 May. The panel chair noted that the whereabouts of the secret papers remains a “mystery”.

BBC News – England

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