Trump cancels February visit to open embassy

Donald Trump will not visit the UK in February, when he had been expected to open the new US embassy in London. The US President said he was not coming because the old embassy had been sold too cheaply by Barack Obama. The real reason is widely assumed to be the certainty there would be large street protests against him.

Doctors tell May of patients ‘dying in corridors’

A&E specialists from 68 hospitals in England and Wales have written an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May warning her that patients are dying in hospital corridors because the NHS is understaffed. Some hospitals are so overcrowded, says the letter, they have been forced to look after 120 patients in corridors in one day.

Woman dies at 18 after catching flu virus

An 18-year-old woman from Applecross in Wester Ross has died after contracting the flu virus. Bethany Walker was airlifted to the Raigmore hospital in Inverness after the illness developed into pneumonia. She died there last Friday, it has emerged. Bethany’s mother, Heather Teale, said she had been given the “best possible” treatment.

BBC presenter Humphrys in equal pay gaffe

BBC management is said to be “deeply unimpressed” after two male BBC presenters were heard joking about their colleague Carrie Gracie’s pay. John Humphrys and Jon Sopel did not make their remarks on-air. They joked about their high pay and reluctance to give any up to Gracie, who has quit as China editor in protest at her salary.

Trump’s foul-mouthed outburst on immigrants

The Washington Post says US President Donald Trump asked yesterday, when he was discussing immigration with senators in the Oval Office: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” The White House has not denied the story – but instead said Trump would always “fight for the American people”.

Putin says Kim has ‘won this round’ against Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has “won this round” of diplomatic manouevres against US President Donald Trump, after Kim unexpectedly agreed to restore relations with South Korea. Putin said Kim had “achieved his strategic task – he has a nuclear warhead and a global-range missile”.

Facebook plans major changes to newsfeed

Social media giant Facebook is to change how the stories which appear in a user’s newsfeed are selected, giving less prominence to content from businesses, brands and the media. Instead, personal content will be emphasised. Organisations may see the popularity of their posts on the network decline as a result, the firm has admitted.

Scientists warn against feeding dogs raw meat

Researchers led by a team in the Netherlands are warning against a new trend for feeding pet dogs and cats raw meat, seen as being more ‘natural’. The scientists say the meat can contain bacteria and parasites which can be dangerous to both pets and owners. It may also be deficient in certain nutrients and cause dental and gut injuries.

Queen says riding in royal coach is ‘horrible’

The Queen has said in a new BBC One documentary that riding in her golden coach of state is “horrible” because the suspension is so bad. The coach, commissioned in 1760, was used at her coronation in 1953. The monarch also said it was impossible to look down while wearing her crown because its weight would “break” her neck.

Briefing: Who is richest person of all time?

There was much fanfare this week when Amazon boss Jeff Bezos was named the wealthiest person of all time.

While his estimated $ 105.1 billion fortune is technically the largest ever accrued by one individual, this does not take into account inflation or a number of other factors, including how wealth is actually measured.

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