Young people in Northern Ireland are being urged to be wary if they are contacted online by individuals or organisations purporting to be from a modelling agency and asking them to send personal photographs.

It comes after a report to the PSNI in which two females were messaged on social media from someone pretending to act on behalf of a well-known Belfast-based modelling agency.

The females were asked to send photographs of themselves and payment – which they refused to do.

The PSNI made enquiries and it appears the agency was bogus.

Officers said: “We have made enquiries with the modelling agency, which has no knowledge of this other alleged modelling agency. It appears this may be a bogus site.

“Fraudsters have many ways of trying to convince young people to spend large sums of money on photographic portfolios that are worthless. Others seek to gather intimate photographs of young people for a more sinister purpose.

“No matter how convincing they are, do not engage on a social media forum with anyone claiming to be from a modelling agency. Genuine agencies have their own means of recruiting models. Never agree to meet anyone from a ‘modelling agency’ unless it is at the agency’s registered office.

“Genuine agencies will never ask inexperienced young people to provide intimate photographs of themselves. For under 18s, such photographs may, in any case be illegal.

“If you are interested on a modelling career, then you should contact a reputable agency and talk to them in person.”

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