NBA 2K18 LeBron James


Cleveland Cavaliers player LeBron James as featured in NBA 2K18


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NBA 2K18 LeBron James

Players will try out for a spot in the NBA’s new e-sports league

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017 – 2:53pm

Organisers of the new NBA 2K League have announced that a qualifying event will be held in January for players seeking to join the e-sports competition. 

Starting in May 2018, 17 NBA franchises have signed up for the league’s first season. Potential players will first go through the NBA 2K League Qualifier from 1-31 January, tryouts in February and then a player draft in March.

The draft will then see the world’s best 85 NBA 2K players allocated to teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Revealing details of the NBA 2K League Qualifier on Reddit, the league’s managing director Brendan Donohue said: “Playing ability is paramount. Players will not qualify based solely on social followers or marketability.” 

About the NBA 2K League Qualifier

  • When: 1-31 January 
  • Age of players: 18 and older 
  • Open to: anyone around the world who has a copy of NBA 2K18 (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One)

How the qualifying event works

  • Players need to win 50 games in NBA 2K18’s Pro-Am mode and complete an online application by 31 January 
  • Players can compete as a walk-on, part of a team or a combination 
  • Pro-Am mode is played five-on-five 
  • Winning more than 50 games does not increase a player’s standing 
  • After the final round of tryouts in February, the best players will be selected for the draft, which will take place in March 
  • Each of the 17 teams participating in the inaugural season will draft five players who will live in-market during the season 
  • The season tips off in May 2018, with games taking place in one or two central studios for the inaugural season

NBA 2K League at a glance

  • Launching: 2018 
  • Number of teams: 17 in year one
  • Number of players: 85

Season schedule

  • January: qualifying event for players
  • February: tryouts for the 85 spots 
  • March: NBA 2K player draft 
  • May: start of the season

Participating teams

  • Boston Celtics 
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 
  • Dallas Mavericks 
  • Detroit Pistons 
  • Golden State Warriors 
  • Indiana Pacers 
  • Memphis Grizzlies 
  • Miami Heat 
  • Milwaukee Bucks 
  • New York Knicks 
  • Orlando Magic 
  • Philadelphia 76ers 
  • Portland Trail Blazers 
  • Sacramento Kings 
  • Toronto Raptors 
  • Utah Jazz 
  • Washington Wizards

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