36kg of gold is estimated to flow through Swiss wastewater every year


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36kg of gold is estimated to flow through Swiss wastewater every year

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Thursday, October 12, 2017 – 6:11am

Scientists in Switzerland have revealed that millions of pounds worth of gold and silver are flushed through the country’s sewer system every year. The scientists say up to 46kg of gold and around 3,000kg of silver make their way into wastewater sludge, usually from manufacturing or refining operations.

Three-year-old ‘forgotten’ in corn maze

Parents of a three-year-old boy are being questioned by authorities in Utah, after leaving him behind in a corn maze and not reporting him missing until the following morning. The boy was found by a local resident, who took him to maze staff before he was picked up by child protective services.

Couple finds hidden camera in Airbnb

A couple visiting Longboat Key, Florida, have reportedly found a camera disguised as a smoke detector on the ceiling of their Airbnb apartment, pointing directly at the bed. Police have arrested the apartment’s owner, 56-year-old Wayne Natt, and charged him with video voyeurism.

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