Three women detained in South Korea after plastic surgery

Source: Jian Huahua/Weibo

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Three women detained in South Korea after plastic surgery

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 – 5:32am

Women detained at airport following plastic surgery

Three Chinese women have been detained and stopped from boarding their flight, after undergoing plastic surgery in South Korea. Authorities stopped the trio from travelling because their swollen faces did not resemble the photos on their passports, according to a witness.

Thief Googled ‘how to rob a bank’ before crime

A Florida man Googled “how to rob a bank”, before carrying out a robbery at the Achieva Credit Union. Police tracked William Johnson, 26, back to a nearby hotel, where he admitted to the responding officers that he had robbed the bank because he needed money, and had looked it up online as he wasn’t sure of the best way to commit the crime.

Deadly snake mistaken for toy in café

The owners of an Australian café have revealed a very close call, after they mistook an extremely venomous 1.5 metre eastern brown snake for a toy. Café owner Nick Sovechles told local media he was in the process of picking the snake out of a pot plant when he saw its head move, and realised it wasn’t a toy.

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