UEFA has confirmed that Scotland will participate in League C when next year’s inaugural Nations League tournament kicks off. 

The new competition will be introduced after the Russia 2018 World Cup, reducing the number of friendlies and playing a part in the qualification process for Euro 2020.

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Four leagues will be divided into four groups, with pool winners achieving promotion to the division above and the bottom team facing relegation.

Scotland have been confirmed in League C along with Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway, Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Cyprus, Estonia and Lithuania.

These teams will be divided into three groups of four and one group of three.

The group stage draw will take place in Switzerland on 24 January 2018. 

UEFA Nations League calendar

Matchday 1: 6–8 September 2018

Matchday 2: 9–11 September 2018

Matchday 3: 11–13 October 2018

Matchday 4: 14–16 October 2018

Matchday 5: 15–17 November 2018

Matchday 6: 18–20 November 2018

Finals draw: early December 2018

Finals: 5–9 June 2019

UEFA EURO 2020 play-off draw: 22 November 2019

UEFA EURO 2020 play-offs: 26–31 March 2020

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