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kim jong-un

South Korea says Pyongyang does not have necessary technology to launch intercontinental ballistic missile

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 – 1:12pm

Kim Jong-un may not have the vital intercontinental ballistic missiles technology required to pose an imminent threat to the US, says a South Korean MP.

Yi Wan-young said the South’s National Intelligence Service had “not been able to confirm that re-entry was successful”, Reuters reports.

Re-entry capability is “critical” for intercontinental ballistic missiles, says the agency.

Yi added: “Considering how North Korea does not have any testing facilities (for re-entry technology), the agency believes (North Korea) has not yet secured that technology.”

The 4 July missile launch was probably a “modified version of the KN-17 intermediate range missile” tested earlier in the year, continued the politician.

Russia also says it has provided evidence to the UN indicating Pyongyang used an intermediate range rocket, Russia Today reports.

The US is backing a UN Security Council resolution that would enforce stricter sanctions on North Korea over its missile tests.

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