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boiled egg

Swearing, anger and confusion abound over a transatlantic divide


Monday, July 10, 2017 – 3:41pm

They say that the UK and the US are “two countries separated by a common language,” but the differences run much deeper – as British Twitter discovered today, when users realised that their American cousins live their lives without the assistance of a seemingly essential invention – the egg cup.

The first person to stumble on this disconcerting truth was Scottish video game engineer who goes by the name ‘moth dad’, who shared the upsetting news on Twitter:

The bemused reaction of some US tweeters wondering what the problem was only enraged him further: 

And he wasn’t the only one, as the astonishing news began to spread:

Alas, it was all too true, as Americans came out of the woodwork to confirm the terrible truth – soft-boiled eggs and soldiers, that staple of British after-school tea, simply aren’t a thing there:

Just when it seemed as if things couldn’t get worse, more shocking revelations about life on the other side of the Atlantic began to pour out:

American users raised in an egg cup-less society, on the other hand, just didn’t seem to get what all the fuss was about: 

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